Blackberry Varieties


Arapahoe-       They are the earliest ripening of the thornless varieties and are medium in size. The berries average 5 grams to the berry. The flavor and sweetness are rated as good.  This berry is firm and juicy.  The soluble solids (sugar) average 9.6 percent. They store and handle good.  The picking season may last for four weeks.


Ouachita-        Is the newest of the Arkansas thornless varieties. The berry size will average 6 grams. They are firm and attractive and the flavor and sweetness are excellent and similar to Apache. The soluble solids (sugar) average 10 percent and some go as high as 12 percent. The berries have a seed thatís smaller than Apache. The picking season may last up to six weeks.


Kiowa-            The Kiowa is a thorny variety that is the largest of all the Arkansas berries. The weight will average 11 grams to the berry with some going up to 13 grams. They have a good flavor and sweetness with soluble solids (sugar) content that average 10 percent. The Kiowa has a picking season of about 6 weeks. They store and handle good and are the best of the thorny varieties.


Chickasaw-    The Chickasaw is a very early thorny variety. It has a large berry that has an average weight of  about 9 grams. It has a glossy finish and is more cylindrical than most other berries.  It has a very good flavor with soluble solids (sugar) that average 9.5 percent. It also is firm, handles well and has a better shelf life that most other berries.